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The foreign capital enterprise symposium was held successfully

Time:2018-05-10 Author:产业发展部 Source:投促会

For thoroughly implement theworking requirements of the document, "Circular of the State Council on Several Measures for ExpandingOpening-up and Actively Using Foreign Capital of China on the Enforcement ofthe Law of the Procedural of the Conclusion of Treaties” (The[2017] no.5), , which are to expand opening-up and to improve the level ofabsorbing foreign investment, on the morning of July 14, 2017, China Councilfor International Investment Promotion hold the "Foreign CapitalEnterprise Symposium", and invited more than ten well-known foreignenterprises’ representatives, such as Cargill, Philips Lighting, Fuji Xerox,Federal Express, Dell Technologies, IBM, VISA, NEC, Jardine, Germany Merck,Chemour etc., to participate the symposium.

The meetingwas chaired by the Executive Vice President of CCIIP Zhou Ming. Combined withthe business conditions in China, the Vice President and the representativesaffirmed the positive measures of our country’s construction of legalizedbusiness environment, gave feedback of the specific issues and cases, and putforward valuable opinions and suggestions on further improving the environmentof foreign investment business environment. The Vice President Zhou pointed outthat CCIIP would actively give feedback to all levels’ government departmentsand also, from the meeting’s business perspective, provide practical assistanceat an operating level to the foreign enterprises who invest and manage inChina.