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ChinaSourcingWorking Committee

Affiliatedto CCIIP as an nonindependent legal person, ChinaSourcing Working Committee isa secondgradeentityregisteredwith the civil organization regulatory authoritiesof PRC whose membership iscomposed ofoutsourcing modelcities/parks, outsourcingenterprises, outsourcing enterprises associations andfederations,outsourcingtraining agencies,relevant institutions of higher education, research agenciesand private individualsThe purpose of the ChinaSourcingWorking Committee is tofully maximize its role as a civil organization,undertheleadership of CCIIP and MOFCOM, toimplement the Thousand-HundredTen projectand build a bridgebetween outsourcing enterprises and governmentin promotion ofdevelopment of the outsourcing industry.ChinaSourcingWorking Committee mainlyfulfills the followingfunctions:

1.Maintainingclose ties with government regulatory departments, communicating the industrialpolicies accuratelyto theindustry, and providing policy recommendations to thegovernment on common concerns;

2.Building and entrusted by MOFCOM, advertising China'soutsourcing modelcities/parks through the website andpromoting service outsourcing enterprises;

3.Holding ChinaSourting Summit and organizing domestic outsourcing enterprisesto attend internationallyreputableoutsourcing expos in cooperation withinternationally prestigious consultancies to build the brandofChinaSourcing;

4.Assisting model cities/parks in formulating development strategies andestablishing industrial positioning;

5.Supporting domestic outsourcing enterprises to expand by providingservice to them;

6.Promoting development of outsourcing training systems and certificationsystems and assisting the government inmanaging and using the funds forsupporting taking over offshore outsourcing businesses;

7.Assisting in setting standards for the outsourcing industry andselection of model cities/parks and inspecting enforcementof agreements oncooperation between ministries, provincial and city governments in developing modelcities and parks;

8.Strengthening theoretical research on outsourcing for innovation in itsinvestment promotion;

9.Taking measures to facilitate legislation on information security andprotection of intellectual property rightstocreate anenabling climate fordevelopment of the outsourcing industry.